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scripting in doom2 format

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ok, I want to use my script in doom2 format (that is, I want my wad to remain a doom2, not a zdoom, and especially not a zdoom "Doom in Hexen" format as seen in Doom Builder).

I know this is possible, cause the original doom2 has some scripts some maps (like in MAP07, when you kill all the Macubus, some walls will lower).

The question is, how to introduce scripts in a doom2 wad, by keeping the doom2 format of the wad? Assume that I can compile my script with ACC by myself, and I have my object (.o) file ready to use.

This way, I can try a script, and still edit my map using DB in doom2 format, which I enjoy and want to keep.


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how to use the moment when Commender Keen see you to trigger a script? I know how to use the moment when you kill him (by setting its action to 80, and specifying your script number), but I want to generate a sound when you see the "monster" for the first time..


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You can't script in Vanilla Doom. MAP07, MAP30 and the EXM8's just use a code pointer in the death of the boss that lowers walls or ends the level if that enemy is in a specific map.

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ACS requires Hexen map format because to a large part it relies on data that can't be set in Doom map format.

It also requires a source port that supports it. If you want to keep your map compatible with other ports you have to limit yourself to the common feature set which is either Doom2 or Boom.

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All the "scripted" stuff in standard Doom and Doom 2 is hard-coded into the engine. It is possible to do pseudo scripted behaviours in Boom compatible engines using voodoo dolls (additional player 1 starts) that are moved by conveyor belts to activate a sequence of trigger lines. I'm not certain, but I think Chris Lutz's Phobos used this technique, so that might be a good place too look. Maybe someone else can provide some other examples?

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dumb978 said:

but I want to generate a sound when you see the "monster" for the first time..

That could be done via Dehacked.

Get Dehacked, redefine a decoration you find useless, make it "invisible", "can't be hit" (modifying its "bits"), set its "initial frame" and "first moving frame" to Imp's, while the rest should be zero, and its "alert sound" to the sound you wish. Then place that decoration somewhere near the Commander Keens, so when the player faces it, that sound is generated. This feature was used a lot in AOD-DOOM.

Regarding other such fake scripting, note that you can use the Commander Keen's open-the-door-on-all-dying and Big Brain's end-the-level-on-his-dying codepointers on any map you wish, if you know how you're doing it. No hope for Baron, Cyber, Spider, Manc or Arach death effects, tho. They're fixed by the code.

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