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Scabbed Angel

TDK Trailer available Sunday

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(Um... Grazza, I think you misread my post. I wasn't linking to the bootleged trailer, I was linking to Warner Bros' Official Viral site where the Official trailer will be released on Sunday according to sources (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_ under marketing "Finally, on December 14 2007, a new page was launched entitled "ATasteForTheTheatrical.com". The site was found at the bottom of each of the posters shown in movie theaters. The site has yet another Joker message reading, "It's what you have been waiting for! Sure, you can see it on display, but beginning this Sunday, YOU CAN TAKE IT HOME FOR YOUR OWN!" this may be hinting at a possible download of the trailer shown in front of I Am Legend.". So in the interest of fellow TDK fans on these forums, I was giving everyone a heads up of where it will officially appear, not how to find the bootleg. Also it's been released before I Am Legend in theaters yesterday.)

Anyways, the new The Dark Knight Teaser trailer was released yesterday with I Am Legend. On Sunday, it's supposed to go online officially at http://www.atasteforthetheatrical.com/ which is one of Warner Bros' viral marketing sites for the film. If you've already seen it in theatres, post your impressions, or once its officially released on Sunday!

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Well, I'll be waiting for the album.

Hopefully they learned better from the last one.

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Scabbed Angel said:

If you've already seen it in theatres, post your impressions, or once its officially released on Sunday!

Yeah, the Joker continues to be awesome. T'was a kickass trailer followed by a kickass movie.

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To answer your question Nick, I've been keeping my eye on that crazy Dark Knight IMDB board and someone immedially posted that it was up the second it hit the internet.

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Nick Perrin said:

What about the http://www.thegothamtimes.com/ link in the top right of that page? The gotham times website has several pages and tons of info for viral ad lovers to muck about in... Not to mention ripping away a part of the first page to see "ha ha ha ha" underneath...

yeah theres a buch of viral sites, like for the police dept., an anti-police corruption org., the school district, and even a memorial site for a murdered girl. whysoserious.com had a few scavenger hunts from the joker. they really went all out with the viral sites.

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