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Time to move on

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This is not a decision I am making lightly, but I have really been left with little choice. Time to face reality.

Over the last couple of months, I have developed a back problem and some RSI in my right hand. The RSI isn't too bad but could get worse. And the irony of the back problem is it feels better if I don't sit down. So consequently, I am having to cut back on computer based hobbies as much as is possible. Basically my body is telling me I have spent too much time at a desk.

I have not done Doom work for a while now (been waiting on some Eternity updates), but this development means that even when those updates come, I cannot/will not be able to make use of them.

I have uploaded the work I have done on an Eternity version of Spear of Destiny. It may be playable as is, in which case, someone is free to upload it to idgames, so long as due credit is given to myself and Laz Rojas. Or you can take over and do more development on it. It can also be used as a template to do Eternity versions of Original and Nocturnal Missions.


It's a good example of the kind of things you can accomplish with Eternity's tech in terms of changing game mechanics. I've commented the EDF as much as possible. For these reasons alone it should be distributed.

I will more than likely stick my head in here reasonably regularly and see how everything is going, download a new level or two, but this ends what little active involvement I had left with Doom. I still play every now and then, and will always love it, but there's other things to be done now.

Joel Murdoch.

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Damn, that just bites. Many of us were looking forward to more of your work. Let's hope for eventually enough healing that you can, if you choose, ease back into a more normal situation and possibly even a little mapping.

In the mean time best of luck with the healing.

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Oh no :( I understand, though. I have some similar problems myself, and they have been interfering with getting things done. I'm sorry that I didn't get your features added in time for you to enjoy them, but rest assured that I will still be adding those things you requested before the next release so that it can be continued.

And if I can, I will see about finishing up the Wolf mods personally.

You've been around as long if not longer than I have, and your work and contributions to various Doom ports along the way have been extremely valuable. I hope that you *will* remain in touch. Thanks for all of your help through the years.

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Doesn't this kind of pain go off after some proper exercise or relaxation? Are you sure to move on?

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my dad has back problems (and sitting down is the antagonizer for it along with other things) but he needs to use his computer daily on weekdays for work. so he bought this chair from some specialized back problem store which actually arches your back forwards and puts your legs at some angle that is supposed to be healthy for your back as opposed to unhealthy like most chairs. Maybe you could look into something like that even just for the small times you are on the computer?

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yeah man, wacky, if you're like me, you used shitty chairs and shitty mice and shitty keyboards in shitty desks because no one in those days knew was "ergonomic" was and didn't care until the Natural Keyboard.

now we have mice that fit your hand, rather than a fucking block of soap with buttons on it.

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