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fender ketchup

Potential fuckup...

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I got a problem, I have a heavily-self-modded version of Immoral Conduct(don't worry, I'm not gonna release it), and I was changing yet another thing, this time a simple change of animation and sound, I had 2 windows of XWE open, so I could work with the DDF in one, and easy access to the sprites to see what went with what in the other. So, I finished working the DDF, saved and quit that one, went to the other one, noticed something about the sprite, and moved it down a little. I saved and closed that one. Now, for some reason, if I go back into the WAD in XWE, all sprites show in hex code, instead of the viewer, and if I go to run EDGE with the WAD, it crashes with a "DDF: File must start with a tag! Error occurred near line 1 of DDFLANG" I have the backup BAK's, but I don't know how to convert those to a WAD, if possible.

I really hope I didn't just fuck my IC, I did a TON of work on it, and to have it just go down the shitter from one stupid mistake would be... well... I don't know.

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The wad data may have been corrupted. Try viewing the DDF lump(s) as ascii. The option is in the Hex menu.

As for the backup files, you just rename the extension of the file from BAK to WAD.

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fender ketchup said:

Well, viewing sprites in Ascii shows, I guess the image in character code. If I rename the file, it just changes it to icd-se.wad.bak, not what I want.

You need to actually change the extension, not just the name.

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