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Trouble With DungeonDoom

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I d/led & installed a mod for Doom³ called DungeonDoom {its homesite}. I have Doom³ updated to the latest v1.3.1 and am using WinXP Home. I do not have Resurrection of Evil (yet). I d/led & installed the one on the top of the list on the d/l page there ("Final DungeonDoom 8.2").

It runs just fine, for a very short time. The trouble is when I enter the towne gate. I get a prompt asking whether or not I want to enter the towne. I enter Yes. I appear in the towne with a window on my screen like so:


Err...whoops! I just found that DungeonDoom doesn't seem to support screenshots! :(

Anyway, a window comes up that says (among other things) something like "Press Down Arrow to Continue". I have the Down Arrow bound to Move Backward, but even if I unbind the key, it still has no effect--the window remains. If I just try disregard the window, even though it fills much of the screen, and simply move on, I find myself stuck, as if bouncing off the border of some invisible...Hold Person/Monster spell or something! :O What foul magik could this be!? And how can I escape it to play the game?

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I had the same problem, and as far as I remember it was just stupidly coded... it took me a while to figure it out, but there is some kind of use key that removes that window. Don´t remember which key though (only that it actually was not the down arrow key)...

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Crappily coded, eh? Hmm....

So once you did find the key that frees you from the mysterious Holding magik, could you continue and actually play the game? And was it any good, worth playing at all?

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