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Coffee: Espresso or Moka. All the rest are just laxatives.
Tea: I try tasting everything.
Beer: Ditto, I try tasting the more different beers possible.
Wine: Italian wines, mostly.
Hard Stuff: Single Malt Whiskey (usuall Glen Orchy or Glenfiddich).

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Bawls are always fun...kinda low on the scale of actual energy in energy drinks but very good tasting with a cool bottle and just fun to have cases of.

Pepsi (and coke) but mainly Pepsi because it comes in 24oz bottles more often then 20oz unlike Coke's comparable size (20oz).

Tea (sugar/lemon/mint) and coffee (coffee has sugar but not cream).

Orange soda. Nothing else needs to be said about it.

Soda in general besides cream soda or other weird flavors.

Water because sometimes I feel crappy putting sugar and corn syrup inside of me.

Gatorade/Powerade (32oz of powerade is 99 cents where I am).

And probably some other stuff that I cannot think of right now.

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Louis XIII like it's water on a hot day

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