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Billy Kane '95

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(The King of Fighters 1995) Billy Kane mini action figure that I finished yesterday. The head sculpt looks a bit too much like an old man at times in the photos, depending on the viewing angle and how the light is hitting it, but, other than that, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Mid-construction photos. The stripes on his bandanna were a real bugger to paint by hand (I used the tip of a sewing needle as a brush) especially for me and my perpetually shaking "whiskey fingers".

For comparison purposes, below are several images of Billy Kane from The King of Fighters '95 video game. The final image, depicting him striking out with his extended staff, is from the "Nettou" Game Boy port of KOF '95 (recolored by me).

Webpage with more info (dimensions, materials used, background story, trivia, etc):


I told Billy to stay away from that Pirana Plant, but he wouldn't listen . . .

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Well this is a neat one.

The body is sculpted very nicely, including the arms. Proportions are all done good too. I can only think of how annoying painting the bandana with a sewing needle was. I dont remember the last time I resorted to something as thin as that to make fill ins.

However, your right about the face. He does look like an old man, and he looks like that in all of the pics. Compared to the game sprite, the face could be smoother, and the nose more flat. But when dealing with such small proportions I can't really blame you for that. Awesome work.

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