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Super Shotgun Accuracy is way off (I edited the title)

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Just noticed it. Setting 4 ("Super Shotgun Accuracy") for Args2 in the FireCustomBullets gun codepointer creates a very bad shot, that too easily hits ceilings and nearby walls, being a lot less accurate than default FireShotgun2, but similar to "Monster Accuracy", worse that it also misses vertically...

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The tracer range is the same. It probably seems bad to you because you are having a weapon shoot only one or a couple of them at a time. The SSG seems so effective because it fires so many tracers. If you shoot at a distant wall, however, you will see how spread-out they can be.

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Quasar said:

The tracer range is the same.

Oh really. Compare the trails in those two pics. The first one is about a chaingun modified to fire Super Shots via FireCustomBullets; the second one is a chain SSG. The first one is way inaccurate vertically, the second one fires normally. Both fire the same number of times.

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O_o OK. There must be a bug that has crept in since the original implementation, because I did test it at the time of writing the code and this didn't happen back then. I'll check on it.

EDIT: Fixed. The bulletslope was getting a += performed on it for every iteration of the tracer-firing loop, so ironically it would start out correct and then get worse for each subsequent tracer. This *was* evidently introduced after the last rewrite done to the function to streamline it, and I neglected to test it again after that (my bad!). Thanks for illustrating this problem so clearly with the screenshots, that was very useful.

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