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The Orphanage

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Yeah, so I went to go see this movie yesterday. Someone had mentioned it being "this years Pan's Labyrinth", so I figured it was worth a look. Wow. It's not as fantasy based, but still a good, creepy movie. I don't want to get too much into specifics, or build it up too much, but the basic story is that a woman, her husband, and her son move into what was orphanage that she grew in as a child, and her son goes missing. What follows is her trying to find out where he went. It really doesn't seem as interresting when I write it out, but the movie itself really is good. So, yeah, if The Orphanage is showing in your area, you guys should go see it.

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Heh, Pan's Labyrinth. My friends and I sat down and watched that when my friend got it on DVD. We were expecting some kind of fantasy movie and by the end we were all D: though I think we all enjoyed it. It's kinda like Requiem for a Dream for kids. Or something.

If it's along those same lines, this movie could be interesting.

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