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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.13

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*Duke kicks the switch and goes up.He sees three Imps,smoking a joint,standing next to a tree*

Imp 1:Hey,man.I got the munchies.

Imp 3:That human over there looks tasty.heh.

Imp 2:Yeah...

Duke:Im not tasty.Im crunchy and buff.
*Duke blast Imp 2 in the lung.Smoke comes out*

Imp 2:Its good to recycle.
*The Imps start dragging off the smoke coming from Imp 2's lung.Duke decides they are no threat so he moves on*

Duke:Im gonna kick these Cacodemons asses.
*Duke opens the door to find Cacodemons on the other side.They are drinking a beer and talking.They pay no attention to Duke*

Duke:Why arent you guys trying to kill me?

Cacodemon 1:Union break.1 hour.Bill?You got time to kill the human?

Bill the Cacodemon:Sorry Steve.Cant do it.

Steve the Cacodemon:Looks like a no buddy.

*Duke runs across the bridge and scoops up the shotgun*

*Duke enters the room at the end.Instead of finding what excuse the Imps have not to fight he blows em away*

*One Imp didnt die all the way.He tosses a fireball and it hits Duke in the face.Then the Imp dies.Duke is knocked out.WHAT WILL HAPPEN?FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EDITION OF DRAGON BALL Z.Oh sorry I mean First Person Shoot Lounge.PS Caleb found Duke and went off to tell DOOM*

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