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slade and doom builder problems

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i am currently using my laptop, which runs windows xp.

slade 3d mode doesnt work and just crashes the program.
so slade on my laptop is out.

in doom builder however...

i cant figure out how to make scripts(which wasnt in slade either)
or bridges(got the thing to work in slade but never the linedefs displaying the bridge.

any help with that

and are there other editors with 3d modes that have gzdoom,zdoom, and scripting support?

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for doom builder you have to download the gzdoom configuration from the gzdoom website. also, making bridges, either add the bridge things where you want the bridge then change the things z height to where you want. unless you are using gzdoom you could just do 3d floors. and to script in doom builder you have to have zdoom in hexen format, or gzdoom configuration selected, and there will be a new thing up on the top bar that says script at the right end, (you know where is says file, edit, all that). and in slade you cant look straight up or down in 3d mode.

look at the zdoom wiki for tutorials on shit, like bridges, for example wads and all that, and scripting too.

i hope i made sense.

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