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BOOM:Sky Transfer - Work no Work

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Here are two example maps I've made in an attempt to use the BOOM sky transfer option.


I had made one a while a go that works fine as you can see, infact I even made it scroll just to remind myself that it could be done.

Since then I was busy working on other features of my project and only recently came back to the sky transfer feature.
The problem now is that NO MATTER what I do, I only see BODIES instead of the texture I chose. I loaded up my old example map and could see no differences between the two and do not understand why this is not working.

If anyone could help me see the logic behind this I'd be forever greatful as I'm going mad slowly but surely with this one.


Sorry, you can delete this unless you want to use it for educational purposes.

It turns out I simply needed to place the new sky textures as the "Upper" texture in the map.

More info here:



271 Ext -- Transfer sky texture to tagged sectors
272 Ext -- Transfer sky texture to tagged sectors, flipped

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Yeah, you applied SKY3 as a middle texture, instead of as an upper texture.

By the way, sky transfer isn't a really Boom feature. It was invented for MBF, and then supported by other engines (ZDoom, PrBoom, &c) from there.

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