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Noob question

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How do i figure out texture names? When ever i make a map, i only know a few textures like brick, ceil, metal and cement, but i know theres a lot more i just dont know there names

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yes i am using doom builder, it makes building maps somewhat easy for people like me i guess, by people like me i mean map building noobs.

Thanks for your help!

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I would recommend downloading Dr Sleep's Doom Builder: An Illustrated Guide and just follow the tutorial (which begins at Chapter 2: Editing Basics: Making a Level with Doom Builder, but uses settings mentioned in Chapter 1: Introduction: What Doom Builder Does and What You Need).

Along the way, you'll learn different ways of doing something (and you can choose the method you like best) and some handy shortcuts keys, as well as other tips & tricks.

The Guide can be downloaded from the Doom Builder Documentation section of the Doom Builder downloads page.

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