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classic Doom on Doom 3

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Alright I'm having a bit of a dillema.

I just have Doom 3 on Xbox, not the RoE or Collector's edition, just Doom 3. What kills me is I can't figure out if there's really the classic doom game hidden somewhere in the game. and if I look on the disc it mentions the "Classic Doom" program but the xbox freezes when I try to load it(modded box btw). It even has all the old tunes from the classic. So I'm not sure what the hell I have to do to unlock that game, because now I know it's somewhere in Doom 3 and I basically tried everything there was to do in the game but I can't access the old doom.

Can someone please help!!? Did Id Software implement the game but then decide not to finish it??

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That's the thing , I think just Doom 3 has an unfinished version of the classic doom on the disc. There's no extras menu but there are some files I recognize from the old doom and I'm just trying to figure out how to run it.

It even says "CLASSIC DOOM" as one of the programs but freezes when I try to open it.

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