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Demon Eclipse New Beta

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Eriance has released a new beta version of his "Demon Eclipse" over at the ZDoom forums, or you could get it here

Yeah I know, rapidshare sucks. Currently it's the best thing there is though, but I'll replace the link if a better mirror comes up.

As well as the usual minor tweaks which are probably explained in some sort of readme file (I haven't looked and don't have time currently), this release features the updated second half of DE-Episode 1 (which is map 04-06).

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Sucking it down.
Eriance is one of my Doomgods. Especially when it comes to graphics and sprites, but DE is goooood.

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Looks like you beat me to making a thread. ** Anyone got some reliable file-upload sites? I only have a Link to Mega-upload and Rapidshit. o_o

Here's a link to Mega-upload: Mega-Upload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JIGNDS5C

I've also uploaded it to /Newstuff. If you got a FTP client, you can grab it from there, I guess. (I just dying to see the drama that will arise from this). :D

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I hope this time DE will have the place on the sun it deserves for long.

I'm downloading it right now.

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Captain Red said:

Is there a reason this wad is split up? it sure make it a pain to deal with.

You can simply load the entire zip file under GZDoom with -file. There's no need to individually list each wad.

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