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Shroom King

Trouble getting red key in level 4 of AliensTC

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I can get Aliens TC running fine but on E2M4 I get obstructed by terrain when trying to get the red key. I also cannot reach a door after getting the yellow key due to slime floating in mid-air.

I have the Doom Collector's Edition for my Doom and Doom 2 iwads.
I am using zdoom 2.1.7 and the atcud20.zip fileset.
I tried running it with the DEH file and then with the BEX file and I get the same results.

I also tried the Doom 2 version (doom2atc.zip) and it actually looks worse with slight HOM, missing railings and the same problems with terrain blocking me. On the idarchives someone posted a file to convert the DEH file from binary to text and I used that file (called ATC2TXT.DEH) but I still get the same results.

Is AliensTC zdoom compatible or is the fourth map supposed to be really tough to figure out?

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Never mind. I just dragged and dropped all the appropriate files into the zdoom.exe icon. I was using a frontend at first and the frontend was not loading the files right. I got it to work with both Doom 1 and Doom 2.

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