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Problem in Eternal Doom Lvl 25

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I am stuck in Eternal Doom III at level 25 right at the beginning:

I stand on the desk, the hidden area opens, I kill the demons and hit the switch. However, the stairs do not raise high enough for me to enter the next section!

I can also access the secret with the SSG and shoot the TV screen but that doesn't change anything.

I had a look at the recorded demos and there the stairs were raised high enough. Very strange, any ideas?



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You need to apply a compatibility mode that tells the engine you are using to behave like the original, at least as far as building stairs goes. In PrBoom, you can use compatibility level 2*, or enable "use exactly Doom's stair building method" in the Doom Compatibility menu. Other engines may have other ways to enable it (e.g. ZDoom has a compat_stairs flag you can use).

* Either -complevel 2 in the command line, or change the default compatibility in the CFG file.

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