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kdizd walkthrough

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i've been searching for a good kdizd walkthrough but came up empty. mostly stuck in level 3 toxic refinery. anyone can help? thanks.

ugh, sorry about the doublepost

I'm stuck at a place in the mines with 2 flipswitches, a red door switch, and a green switch. i hit both flipswitches, and it still gives me :

"system unoperable, activate both power coils first"

aren't those two spinning things in the room the power coils? they're both spinning, i press the green button, and still gives me unoperable. where's the actual power coils? thanks.

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Your in the right room, and I do believe, if you flipped both switches and they're spinning, give it enough time (like 5 seconds after you press 'em) and then the middle switch should work.

This thread is for the secrets in all the levels.

No official walkthrough though.

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thanks for the reply. i've finished kdizd, but i don't know what's the point of the purple dildo on z1m10

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