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OK, So i'm er, a little new to this windows XP business having clung like charlton-heston to his rifle to win 98SE and now having drag-dropped my extensive DOOM directory onto the shiney new F: partition nd double clicking on eternity.exe or prboom.exe and the dos prompt flashes up for a second... running from dos basically says "failed to start the executable" or some such. Downloaded eternity straight from the web site and ran that - which flashed straight through to the exit text screen! wtf!?

some dodgy security issue i expect - there's no "permissions" options on any of the folders or files (i've used xp at work for, like, ever so i know what to expect in that regard) so i cant even check my security settings, what bizzaro config of XP have i let myself in for and how do i blat up the admin rights dammit!?


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ok, got my security settings back (turned off simple file sharing) and grabbed prboom-plus (win32) and it pops up this error:

Z_Mallox: Failure trying to allocate 1086933152 bytes

I have 512mb ram so no wander!

this thing is fully autopatchered and everything else seems to run ok (nero, various web browsers and such)... hmz

maybe video driver related? shitty onboard video but worked ok under 98SE... bah!

edit: interesting .. get the exact identical same error out of winmbf!

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cycloid said:

Z_Mallox: Failure trying to allocate 1086933152 bytes

*twitch* Is my math wrong, or is that really trying to allocate over a gigabyte of memory?

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meh .. corrupt doom2..wad ... bah... works now (shuffles away quietly and hopes no one notices)

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