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using of LMPC

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Hi all!

Could anyone tell me how to use the LMPC to get exact time of a demo?

lmpc.exe -g DOOM2 -i <demofile> give me a time, which is much more than the "level-finish window" says.

pls help

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LMPC doesn't know in which gametic the player exited the map. When it gives a total time, this will be based on the total number of gametics, including those spent in intermission screens.

You can use LMPC to get an idea of the exact time of a demo, but it is fiddly and won't always work too well, and there are better ways in any case. You would need to output the text (using the -s switch) and then look for the tic where the map was exited (a switch press, but obviously some demos won't end that way).

Prboom-plus provides an easier way to see the exact time, either with the in-game level time in the HUD or via the -levelstat command-line option (see usage.txt in the package). I'd suggest only using LMPC if you feel it is necessary to verify the output from Prboom-plus for some reason.

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For LMPC, generally you will be looking for the second to last tic that isn't a WT. For switch ended maps you will probably find two UT's at the end. The first one is the time. For maps where you walk into an exit you will look for movement tics and the second to last one will be your time. For maps like e2m8 map30 etc. I'm not sure exactly but it can be a problem if you aren't moving up until the very end. Generally PRboom+ is the best way to get the exact time.

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