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(Undercover Cops) Fransowors mini action figure I finished yesterday evening. This is the first time I've tried my hand at sculpting either an obese woman or a jackhammer.

Mid-construction photos:

For comparison purposes, below are several images of Fransowors from the three versions of Undercover Cops. The first picture is from the arcade game; Fransowors' jackhammer vibrations have just caused a motorcycle to plummet down from above. The second image is of Fransowors bawling; this is from the Super Famicom port. The final photo is a collection of several screens from the Gameboy board game.

Webpage with more info (dimensions, materials used, background story, trivia, etc):


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wow! more to love with that girl. WAY more. wouldn't want to run in to her when she's drunk and horny thats for sure.

nice job as always. jackhammer came out great. the clown face on her belly is quite freaky lookin.

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exp(x) said:

The head doesn't match the body in terms of obesity.

I'd agree. All you'd really have to do is thicken the neck and add some jowls or bigger cheeks.

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Yeah, I could have made the head bulkier. I did consider making jowls at one point, but ultimately chose not to.

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