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Ghoul's Forest 3 Help

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Yeah it's just a cameo, but check what it says when you pick it up to find a "cheat" ;)

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Originally the creeper was SO hard to see that you pretty much had no choice but to relight the fire, but for anyone playing who wasn't aware of the creeper would have thought it was just a lame screamer wad (Although a lot of people STILL believe it is!) so I made him more visible.

So really it's just a pointless detail I threw in.

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You mean the cutman head? I dunno but people found it pretty quickly (they probably looked at the map the CHEATS). I was hoping no one would notice for a long time and then after a while someone would accidently come across it and be all WOW but I guess that doesn't happen with everything in doom being open to everyone.

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