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Calling all hardcore wad collectors...

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I lost my wad.

No seriously, several years ago I lost several wads in a horrible reformat. I had backups of several on floppy, but when you throw those into a large box with speakers and magnets and stuff, they sometimes don't tend to work when you pull them out again (was 10 years ago, I learned my lesson though).

So I'm left to ask you guys if your doom wad archive contains the last copy of these wads in the world:

jerizona.wad (really desperate to find this one)
sewerdth.wad (might try "sewerdeth" too)
darkmatch.wad (might try "drkmatch" or "darkmtch")

I might add more to this list if I remember any...

I would appreciate any help in the matter. I probably wouldn't have cared years ago about whether or not I lost them, but now they hold a historical significance to me, that show how my mapping progressed over the years. Most of the above were created between 1997 and 2000, although their file dates might be off by several years due to bugfixes and such. Also, I usually packed my wads with text files back then, so identifying them should be relatively easy.

Anyways, thanks! Super-uper thanks for actually finding one!

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I've got most, and probably all, of these at home. I'm currently in Italy for a week though.

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I knew if there was anyone I could count on, it would be you. ;)
The files were hosted on several sites over the years, mostly:


Although I think the last one was inactive at the time. Also, it seems that some people like taking my wads and hosting them elsewhere nowadays, so I can never really tell how far and wide they spread. Still, I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks Grazza.

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