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Near-Final Version of Custom Diaz

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My apologies to wildweasel. I used the base code for your beta wwhc-diaz and performed some modifications to it, purely out of interest , and zeal. I in no way wish to take credit for your work. However, the modifications that I've made on my own time has greatly enhanced my experience in playing Doom and various other fanbased mods, and would like to share with the community. Perhaps someone else out there will like it as well.

I've added monsters from monster resource wad.


[Weapons (modified and unmodified)]

Slot1: Martial Arts
Slot1: Colt1911, accurate handgun, 8 rounds, 10 clips, 9 dmg

Slot2: Marteba revolver, 6 rounds, 6 clips, 31 dmg

Slot3: Spas-12, 8 rounds, 40/80 shells, 4 dmg/shot, 12buckshot

Slot4: SMG37, 30 rounds, 20 clips, 6 dmg

Slot4: AK47, 30 rounds, 10/20 clips, 15 dmg

Slot5: RPDHMG, 100 rounds, 2/4 drums, 20 dmg

Slot6: Frag Grenades, alternate fire tosses 3 frags 15/30 Grenades
I'm a novice coder, and still trying to figure out XWE, and there's a bug with the secondary fire, that still tosses 3 nades when there's no nades in inventory. If anyone can help me with the code, that'd be super. Thanks)

Slot7: RPG 486 dmg per rocket 12/24 rockets

Slot8: Neutralizer, 30 per bolt 50/100 charges

Slot9: Mauser Sniper Rifle, 5 rounds, 5/15 clips. 41/51 damage ironsight.

Slot10: Psi-amp. recharges. sets things on fire, or alt fire electrocutes them.

[Starting Equipment]
You start off with SMG37 and a Colt1911, and a Marteba with no ammo in it. Security armor (100) and 5 Nades. It's prudent to send operatives in properly geared.
Why do you start off well-equipped? You'll need it for the monsters ahead.


Possessed Humans: are equippied with pistols, shotguns, revolvers, smgs, mausers, and AKs. They're possessed, so it's possible that a lost soul will leave the dying body, and choose to harass you, or reanimate another corpse. Lost souls are invisible, unless they're attacking/harassing you. Revenants and Spectres are various forms of humans as well.

Mancubuses: are now replaced with HellFuries,

Barons: are now replaced with Bruiser Knights (fire)

Archviles: are replaced with Cyberbruisers

Demons: have a new skin, but otherwise perform the same.

Masterminds: are floating.... well you'll see. leaves a mess.

Cacodemons: new skin, small changes. leaves a messy corpse

PainElementals: new skin, small changes. leaves a messy corpse

[Other Cosmetic Changes]
* bullet casings stay
* empty clips stay
* blood splatter stays
* berserk pack is now "Quad Damage". lasts short time

I've been tinkering with this constantly since november of 2006.
a HUGE thanks to wildweasel for his Diaz wad and inspiration.
a HUGE thanks to the doom community for surviving so long.

i take no credit for 99% of this wad, coz it's modified code only.

Please try this out. I'm looking for feedback and ideas.
Much thanks.


Few Bugs and I can't figure out how to do:
* Still tosses 3 nades when no nades in inventory
* how to make ghosts not enter/repossess gibbed corpses.
* how to make ghosts possess human/zombie only

addendum: and for the players who want a REAL challenge, I recommend this version. Possessed lost souls will leave zombies 50% of the time, and seek another corpse. This is version's absolutely nuts on wads like "Total Control 666"


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I gotta say, this is probably the best weapons wad I've seen/used. Sad to see you dropped the pistol magazine down to 8 from 10, though. You should add a melee attack to the rpg and neutralizer.
EDIT: Oh, and the second link is broken.

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sorry bout that. this is the updated and last link. i wasn't aware that wildweasel was actively working on this, and i don't want to piss him off. so i won't be publicly updating this anymore.

wildweasel, sorry bout stepping on your toes if i did. some of us though, love your spas-12 even if you loathe it :/

if anyone can ask wildweasel to check this link out, i'd appreciate it.
as always, we love your weapon mods, ww.

this is actually a .rar file. you might have to rename it. dono.

if you like this, please check out wildweasel's work in progress on zdoom.org forums.

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Okay, I have personally checked out the mod, and I feel I should give my feedback.

- There's a reason why the guns don't leave decals in my version. Thanks to ZDoom's limited decal support, the same decal is made for the bullet weapons that is also made for their melee attacks - so hitting the walls with your pistol leaves small holes with glowing yellow spots.

- I still don't like that SPAS-12 very much. It looks all chunky, on account of it being a not-especially-well-done model rip. Also, SPAS-12's are cliché.

- The weapon numbering isn't very intuitive now. The pistol on slot 1? The Mauser rifle, a slot above the super-weapon?

- Being able to throw three grenades at once almost makes them overpowered against large enemies. Two volleys of the three-grenade toss can take out a Cyberdemon in a matter of five seconds.

- I notice you changed the Marteba's firing sound to the older, weaker-sounding version...really takes away the powerful feeling of the weapon. More realistic, maybe, but maybe I've always just preferred Hollywood-realism in my shooters.

- The old Colt .45? Do you seriously prefer that one, or did you just base your version off of one of my older releases, before I added the new pistol?

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hi :3

nice to see ya wildweasel. well i started playing around with the mod, and didn't know you were still working on it on zdoom.org forums.

i've been toying with the idea of lost souls leaving possessed corpses and repossessing other corpses. what do you think?

oh, the reason i had weapons on different slots is because in the middle of a firefight, i hate scrolling through weapons to get to the one i want.

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Dr. Zin: I quote from my design document...

fun fact: "marteba" is a cross between "mateba", the makers of a unique "auto-revolver", and marty kirra.

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