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"Hyper-Node Alpha" - Beta (updated)

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Well, I must say it's about time. I'm finally getting close to finishing this map to the point of uploading it to the archive. All that's left to do is a few fixes i.e. missed eye-piercing texture errors, stuck monsters, etc. if any such things still remain, which I certainly hope not, especially the latter. Otherwise, feel free to report them.

Any limit-removing port with doom2.wad should work (I don't see why it shouldn't anyway), but I haven't tested this out with plain old vanilla doom. Feedback and suggestions are welcome as always.


Edit: For those who downloaded before this edit, the wad has been updated due to a previously mentioned error that has been corrected.

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Nice wad.

Some things worth noting however ...

1. Door sector 1412 is not tagged and lines 13252 and 13255 have no action\type or tag. As a consequence sector 1413 etc is unreachable and the player cannot kill all the monsters.

2. Line 2876 is tagged # 60 but there is no corresponding sector with tag # 60.

3. There are 2 sectors numbered 58 and both have a teleport destination sprite. There should be only one. This might somehow relate to point 2.

4. Lines 13152, 13153 etc. should have had a mid tex for the front sidedef also.

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Tamashii said:

lots of switches :3

but otherwise, pretty good.

Yeah, that tends to be me at times, but I try not to go overboard. Bad habit probably.

hawkwind: Thanks for pointing those out.

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Veeery nice map.

And all those switches didn't bother me. That's why they're in there for - to be used.

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