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Captain Red

The Doom Roguelike awareness thread

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Hello, Captain Red here. When I'm not flying my sky pirate crewed zeppelin, or murdering pink low res sprites in the actual Doom, I like to mellow out and murder letters of the alphabet in the awesome piece of freeware known as the Doom Roguelike.


  • It's free!
  • It's a tiny download!
  • Doom Sound effects!
  • Doom music!
  • randomly generated maps!
  • All of the classic doom weapons, items and monsters rendered in stunning ASCII!
  • New items such as weapon mods, portable medpacks, and nukes!
  • Unique monsters, weapons and bosses!
  • Destroyable walls!
  • ASCII Blood!
  • ASCII Gibs!
  • Doom Comic references!
  • Easy on the fly gaming! Play it on you lunch beak at work!
  • Lots of levels!
  • IT'S DOOM!
Oh Doom! I know that game! But what's this 'Roguelike' malarkey?

Wikipedia said:
A roguelike is a member of the role-playing video game genre that borrows its name and gameplay elements from the 1980 computer game Rogue. Superficially, a roguelike is a two-dimensional dungeon crawl with a high degree of randomness and an emphasis on statistical character development. Though traditionally featuring a text user interface, many such games utilize graphic tiles to overcome character set limitations.

Roguelikes are kind of like turn based Diablo with less graphics and more... pain. See, dying in a roguelike means that the character is gone. As in quite literally deleted and you have to go all the way back to the start and make a new one (you can still back up your save games, but that makes you an uncool fool yo). If you think that means they ease up on things like instant death then you are in for a world of hurt. They are hard. Beyond Nintendo hard. They can be down right unfair at times, but they are also quite deep and because the levels are (mostly) randomly generated and usually have many player classes and class options to choose from. No two games are ever the same.

Other roguelikes include:
The original Rogue
Ancient Domains of Mystery
The Castlevania Roguelike

Turn based combat? ASCII graphics? Instant, permanent death? Yikes! Dose the Doom roguelike have that?

You bet.

Well fuck you Doom roguelike. Why would I take time out of browsing a forum for a 14 year old video game to play that?

Because it's fun, and quite easy to play (if not to win). Unlike it's older peers, the Doom roguelike is what's known as a Coffeebreak roguelike. Despite is difficult nature it's not that stressful. You can pick it up and put it down at a moments notice. Just don't start a game expecting to win and you'll have a ball! You can still save your game, you just can't load it if you die. And hey, it Doom man! Maybe presented in a different way then you're used too, but dammit, you just haven't lived till you've seen your @ unload two rounds of his / in to the face of a angry D. Also it free and like 2Mbs.

But I play doom to rip and tear, RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS! That is to say, Blood. How could the brutality of Doom Work as ASCII art?

Behold! There's a really neat ASCII gore to quell your bloodlust! just take a gander at the screenshots.

Sonny, I was playin' Roguelikes when you where a twinkle in yer fadda's eye, what's the DoomRL got that I haven't seen before?

Ahh, well you don't usually get shoot stuff with a Sawn-off shot gun or the mighty BFG in most Roguelikes do ya? If you've managed to ascend 5 tourists in nethack (you smug fuck) then I doubt the doom RL going to prove much challenge to you. but it handels quite differently to any Roguelikes I've played before (see Coffeebreak roguelikes) and it has a lot of neat SFX such as the previously mentioned ASCII gore and all new ASCII lighting. it worth taking a look at for the new technology if nothing else. and hey, it's a goddamn DOOMRL, I'd assume that if you're reading this you've played id's software masterpiece at least once.

Why did you suddenly sink an hour of your life gushing about the DoomRL?!

It happens to be my favorite Roguelike. Not just because it bares the Doom flag, but because it's a really good game, pluse we've had some new members here lately and I they might not be aware of it.

alright, I'll give it a shot! Any advice for a newbie?

You are not a coward if you start on "I'm to young to die". this is a roguelike, it takes time to get decent at. also, good starting perks are "Ironman" and "Son of a bitch". You'll find red stairs (<) early in the game, don't be afraid to go down them and do hells arena. All you need is a shotgun and your whits about ya. one you've run it, you'll get a decent set of weapons to keep you going fore while. this helpful wiki give you some usful information as well.

Pics Plz

Link Plz

Main site:

images hosted by imageshack

Let me know if I've omitted anything worth nothing..

Edit: Spelling and lamness purging.

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Well that was over two years ago.

And I was going to make a simple "So how about that DoomRL eh?" thread, but I wanted to see if my spelling and grammar had improved over the last few years.

I guess not :(

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I have this. Very neat game I must say. When I get back to school this year, I'm going to load DoomRL onto my laptop and play it if I have some free time. My teachers wont suspect a thing...

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Captain Red said:

randomly generated maps!

Does that mean no speedrunning? :)

Looks like an interesting way to spend an afternoon or two.
I'd prefer a text adventure but that will have to wait until Doom is given the Infocom treatment.

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Its called ASCII, and its not "fucking retarded", its your past. Thats what roguelike games are.
ASCII. Love it, live it.

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EarthQuake said:

Say huh?

Basically, 6d3 means that you take 6 random numbers from 1 to 3 and add them together, making for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18.

I feel like such a dork for knowing this. :P

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SuperSlammer2 said:

why are the graphics letters and stuf!!?

It's based on a game from 1980 when computer hardware wasn't as standardised as it is today. The use of ASCII graphics allowed games to be ported to a wider range of systems than might otherwise have been possible if they had been coded to support proprietry graphics systems.

TheAdamantArchvile said:

Wow. That looks like the really old castle wolfenstein game

It's older - Castle Wolfenstein used a custom character set (and sprites where available) to create a more lifelike game environment.

Here's a screenshot from the Commodore 64 version.

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GreyGhost said:
It's older - Castle Wolfenstein used a custom character set (and sprites where available) to create a more lifelike game environment.

Here's a screenshot from the Commodore 64 version.

Thanks for the nostalgia...Mmm...Wolfy....

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EarthQuake said:

Actually I was wondering how a 3-sided dice was possible :)

More like it's a standard die whose numbers are divided by two. Perhaps he wanted to say 3 six-sided dice which is a lot more common.

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EarthQuake said:

Actually I was wondering how a 3-sided dice was possible :)

It's possible, you just don't see many of them.

If you can't find six 3-sided dice, use three 5-sided dice and add 3 to the throw.
StupidBunny isn't the only dork here. :)

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SuperSlammer2 said:


why are the graphics letters and stuf!!? that's f**kin retarded!!!

SS2, c'mere for a second, lemme give you a little advice. If you're going to post nothing but useless insults and potentially degrading comments to the members here,

Seriously. For the past 7 posts you have contributed nothing to a conversation, and insulted the community with insults and naivety such as this. Please, I've been down this road and it only leads to losering and possible bannination. don't insult and shun things that are new to you.

now, what was I going to po- oh yeah!

I remember a custom zzt world based on doom. The only problem was, well, just about everything. Some of the enemies were objects, which meant if you got close to them, you couldn't attack them, unless the object had some clever coding to allow you to "push" them or damage them some other way. Also, some quirks in XP's NTVDM made controlling your character a little harder than before: sometimes the player would keep moving for a bit even after you released the arrow keys.

And the worst part was that it was horribly designed to the core with stock zzt colors (ugly pastel colors) so imps were a weird cyan color and barons were pink smiley faces. and then the author thought some stock enemies would be great, and gave them the ability to throw homing stars, which are invincible. wonderful. The only way to make it worse was to keep the stock "yellow borders" around the playfield.

I enjoyed QUAKE ZZT a lot better though. Quake with RPG elements was quite interesting, and I hope this roguelike doom plays like that. I shall take a look.

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SuperSlammer2 said:
why are the graphics letters and stuf!!? that's f**kin retarded!!!

Clearly whoever took those screenshots doesn't own one of these. Seriously, you haven't seen a roguelike until you've played it on one of them...

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It's hard to tell how sarcastic that article is.

But, as I'm pretty sure I said already, I love Roguelikes. ASCII graphics ftw.

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