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I just reinstalled Freedoom+bunch of other open source Doom stuff after not having my own computer for a long time, and I remember Freedoom having a HUD. I think the last version I played was 0.4 something. Anyway, I download 0.5 and I don't have a HUD. I was thinking maybe you guys took the HUD out of 0.5 because you might be working on a new one, or maybe it was just something wrong with PrBoom, so I tried it with ZDoom but still no HUD. Direly wanting a HUD, I downloaded one of the older 0.4 versions and there was still no HUD. Now I KNOW those versions had a HUD (unless I'm just imaging things). I also downloaded the 0.6 beta version and no HUD in there either.

Basically, is there no HUD in Freedoom or is something wrong on my end? If it's on my end, I have no idea what it could be. I've tried both PrBoom and ZDoom and no HUD, and I've looked through all the options on both engines and I don't see anything effecting HUD display.

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The HUD* is a setting in some engines, and how it looks depends on the engine. There's also the status bar, but that should be available with any engine.

In PrBoom the HUD is made with Boom's HUD font and bars, while in ZDoom it uses sprites and some of the game's fonts. You can get to the HUD by increasing the screen size beyond the size of the full screen plus the status bar. In PrBoom it can be disabled (but it shouldn't be unless you disabled it yourself).

* Characters appearing directly over your viewing screen, as opposed to a bar below the view area.

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