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Where can I find some monsters?

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Ok i wanna make a really good WAD right but i need some monsters. i already have 1 site. that has only 5 pages of them thats crap lol. so i need your help. can some one link me up with a good monster site plz. im making the map on Doom Builder. and yeah its for ZDoom. so plz some one!!

P.S does any one know why i can only put one coutume made monster into my game? i use SLumpED to put every think in one WAD. thanx guys.

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Use the Vulgar and Cybruiser from that site, they're classic DOOM interpretations of monsters from DOOM 3 Expansion, and are very well done, they look and behave close as id Software style, specially the Cybruiser. The KDIZD monsters are pretty nice too.

Try to focus more on maps, that's the hard part, to add new monsters later and place them on the levels is not much of a problem.

It'd be cool too if you could make your own monsters, not necessary new creatures from scratch, but editing existing monsters, mixing parts of different creatures (be sure to use smart past tools, like PSP browser or they'd suck badly), and/or minor recolorations, with not much work you'll have decent new creatures specially for you.

But first, you should worry about maps, in my opinion in the mapping department lies the biggest risk for all new project, it's very easy to loose the motivation or inspiration on mapping, and then there's nothing you can do, no matter how many new monsters you have (having new maps but lack of some planned new monsters is a problem but not as terminal).

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i like monsters too, but i've been working on mapping a megawad for the past 4 years alone with at least another year to go and have not yet begun looking for new monsters...
like was said, monsters are the least of your worries.
besides, the originals are usually the best.

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A single new boss at the end of the map/s is all you truly need. Any other new monsters MAY be a plus, but are not really needed.

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