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Saving Map Error 5 with Vista

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My new laptop which runs Windows Vista Home Premium has been running Doom BuilderX fine except for one very annoying bug.
Basically at seemingly random intervals when I try to save DB comlains about some error 5. When trying to go into 3D mode after this error occuring DB crashes all together.
It gets worse as it deletes the map I was editing out of the wad all together.
I can work around this bug by renaming my map lump, then saving into a wad and then using XWE to rename my map lump back again.
I've never had this problem on any of the other computers which all run Vista Home Basic, but with my laptop running Home Premium, it occurs randomly, though this could also just be the laptop itself.
This problem occurs on normal Doom Builder as well as Doom BuilderX.

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I had the .dll right from the start -no problems there -i googled it straight away.
But the solution being to have to close down explorer.exe is a right pain in the arse! I'll just use my method of temporarilly renaming the map until Doom Builder 2 comes out -which I hope will be vista friendly, right?!

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