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Doom BuilderX problems

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I've got some problems with doom builderX:

1) It doesn't go in 3D mode. It just says:

Error -2005529767 while initializing 3D mode: Automation error

2) With the configuration in the archive, also DECORATE can be compiled. I can write any kind of shit, but i can't press Compile button: it's blank...

Does anyone how these problems can be fixed?
Please answer...

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1) Unless DBX changed something here, this usually happens when you don't have the latest DirectX installed, your videocard doesn't have 3D graphics acceleration or some other program is exclusively using the videocard's functions. So if you are sure your videocard has 3D graphics acceleration, go update your videocard's drivers and DirectX.

Don't know about 2.

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My videocard is perfect, supports 3D acceleration and i've got the latest DirectX...oh and even deselecting texture filter and setting it to "None", the problem remains...
Other solutions?

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