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How do I add downloaded monsters into wadauthor?

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Title says it all. I downloaded a monster called "cultist" from realm 667 and want to put him in my map which i am making in wadauthor, but I do not know how. The only file the zip contained was "cultist.wad" Can anybody help me?

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Use something like SLumpED http://slumped.mancubus.net/

Open your pwad first, then open cultist.wad.
Hilite all lumps in cultist, then right click and select copy.
Select your pwad and hilite the last entry, which probably will be BEHAVIOR, then right click and select paste.
Save your pwad.

Now, open your pwad with WADAUTHOR and continue the edit to insert the DECORATE monster by either its name or DoomED number (Thrall or 30119), whichever WADAUTHOR is using.
However, this step would be a whole lot easier with DOOMBUILDER, as it knows about DECORATE things.

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