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this one is level designers, only!!!

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I'd like to greet all Doomers and Doom Level Designers out there.

I'm the one, who is designing the "COBRA 5" MOD for DooM Legacy. Since i'm working for more than 4 months on it, i'm searching for Level Designers, that can create huge and even interesting / professional maps. If you feel like you wanna join this project and if you want to create your maps for it, then feel fre, to reply here or write me an E-MAIL directly. You won't be the only person, who creates the maps for thos MOD - ì'm designing them, too and i give the maps scripts, sector lights, maybe 3D Floors, if you can't design them. Please support me and my project, so that we can release it ASAP. The Cobra 5 project is a "2 part release" and it needs 32 maps for part 2 (i'm working on) and 36 maps for part 1, which will be designed when part 2 is finally finished.

Here is a Beta Test of the "COBRA 5" project: http://www.geocities.com/scheissus/cobra2_5b03.zip (The link maybe needs a right-click and then "save as...")

Required: OpenGL DooM Legacy v1.32 Beta 3, DOOM II WAD v1.9

Remember: If you're interested to create your maps for this project, then please let me know and reply here. The only rule: Please DON'T release your map online - it will be released, when the first part has been completely done.

Thank you for your support.

Your XonToR

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