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Shotgun Frenzy - Invasion/RTS Mod

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Hey sup guys!

UPDATE: Gameplay trailer from Alpha
Click here to watch

Mid 2006 I announced this project and after a short break I am happy to announce that it is almost complete and ready for release. Hopefully sometime late February or mid March. It's fair to say that the progress is way over %80.

Screenshots (from Alpha):

Heres a basic outline about the mod:
The demons are invading. The target in their sights, the marine power core. Standing between it and their spawn is 3 sectors which they must capture. You must not let them reach the core.

Shotgun Frenzy is an Invasion/Real Time Strategy Cooperative mod featuring epic scale battlefields and immense hordes of monsters. One player plays as the commander through the command center, allowing them to buy turrets, weapons, build structures and research specific ability's. Every other player must defend the 3 sectors. If a sector is unoccupied for a certain amount of time, the demons capture it and move on to the next sector. Once the demons have captured all 3 sectors, they have a straight shot at the marine base and its core. When destroyed, marines loose.

Marines have a chance to defeat the invasion by destroying the demonic portal. This won't be easy though since it is heavily guarded. Either destroy the portal or defeat the invasion.

This mod runs on ZDoom, Skulltag and ZDaemon however it is mainly been tested on Skulltag and ZDoom.
Stay tuned, trailer coming soon.


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