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Chief Medical Officer's Audio Log

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By request, I am posting this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. These are meant to be audio logs. This is not exact Doom mythology, but a twist on it with a bit of creativity.


10/10/2142: THE REJECTS: by Dr. Harold Stein

Chief Medical officer’s audio log for the date of October 10th; we have come across a conflict between my research staff and those bastards here at Phobos administration that refuse to stop testing their damn teleportation device. They have already confirmed its success in teleporting matter; both non living and living matter I should add, but they seem to want more and more volunteers to step onto the teleport pads and risk their lives. Not just risk their lives but risk the lives of everyone else in this complex.

I have implored them to stop their tests due to a virus that all of the volunteers have returned with. Quite frankly a lot more research needs to be done to save these poor souls.

It does not seem contagious yet, but it is growing concern to the health and well being of everyone this complex. As a precaution I have quarantined all five of the patients into separate rooms here at the labs.

In fact we are now are running out of rooms to put them in, so we have had to put one of them in Dr. Foster’s office.

The UAC administration back on Earth will get a communication from me later today about the seriousness of this problem. Maybe they can shut down this program before anymore volunteers return in this state; Dr. Stein out.

10/12/2142: THE BRAINS: by Dr. Harold Stein

Chief medical officer’s audio log for the date of October 12th; it has been almost a week since the return of the first teleportee Vladimir Prudius. Since then his condition has only deteriorated into what I can only call full blown insanity. Vladimir is no longer coherent and no longer responds to anything but food.

Food which interestingly enough he refused for days and days as he has been complaining of abdominal pains; but now; now we found what he likes; it wasn’t until one of the research assistants joked to just give him cow brains. It was a fair idea, after all Vladimir wasn’t eating anything and we know for sure that the patrons down at the mess hall weren’t going to eat them anyway.

Brains seem to be the only thing that our seven patients respond to, which explains why; in fits of insanity they begin to rip away the skin on their heads. For a while we were uncertain why they would scratch and scar their own faces, and yet leave their bodies alone.

Vladimir being the first patient was of course the first to exhibit these signs. We came into the lab after a night’s rest and he had scratched and torn off part of his Russian facial features.

Tim; uh Dr. Foster for the record, had the humane idea to wrap Vladimir’s head in bandages to stop the hemorrhaging. Someone from security had to come down here and stick him with the needle to sedate him enough so we could wrap his face in the bandages. That was only after he attacked one of the research assistants here. Got her pretty bad too, but she’ll be okay.

In addition, to keep Vladimir from removing the bandages, that member of security suggested we tie leather straps around Vladimir’s head. It was a good suggestion, but in time I am sure that the subject will unlash them.

We have not done that for any of the others, because I have a theory that they are trying to get at their own brain. I want to see how far they will go. As of an hour ago, patient Sarah Quivers has begun to pick at her face too. It is going to be a mess down here and I really wish that the UAC administration back on Earth would let me know what to do; I need some help on this matter.

The administration here on Phobos has assigned a guard detail here at the lab since ever since we needed to call a member of security down. They felt it was best for our safety, but I can’t help but think that they are not here for our safety when I see the security report to their bosses the status of our patients. If they really thought it was best for our safety they would stop sending men and women into their device; especially now that they know it works and it has some serious side effects; Dr. Harold Stein out.

10/14/2142: DR STEIN: by Dr. Tim Foster

This is the audio log of the acting chief medical officer dated October 14th. I am Dr. Foster filling in for Dr. Stein here at the research complex on Phobos. Unfortunately Dr. Stein is now listed in critical condition and he is not expected to survive the night.

I am now having my doubts that coming to Phobos was a good idea. The credentials look good on my file, and I was looking forward to one day becoming the chief medical officer, but not like this; never like this.

It is with great sorrow to report that one of Harold’s pets; his patients are the reason behind why I am now in charge. When the volunteers; well, more like guinea pigs; returned from the teleportation experiments, they had been changed. Altered a great deal; I mean they looked the same at least at first, but inside they were vacant.

They returned whaling and complaining of abdominal pains as I hope Dr. Stein’s report indicates. The volunteers; no I shouldn’t call them volunteers anymore. Let this record show my opinion that they are victims. The victims that came back from the portal were quarantined here in the lab so that Dr. Harold Stein, chief medical officer could research them. He thought; he told us that they were sick and that was all; some new virus he convinced us.

After reviewing his research of their blood there is no evidence to support his virus theory. In fact the blood of the victims was not indicative of humans at all. These are not the same people that were teleported.

Harold was there looking through the glass at one of his pets. There it was beating its head against the glass. The victim was born as Mr. Harvey Grey, but to Dr. Stein he was just subject number five.

Harvey just stood there at the glass looking at Stein all day long. Wham! He would bash his head into the glass and remain unaffected except for the smears of blood caused from his forehead.

Over the intercom, Harold would ask Harvey a question. There was never any answer from Harvey, just a throaty moan when Harvey’s head would hit the glass. Harold would press the button for the intercom again and again asking different questions.

Finally, Harold turned to me and said something that I don’t recall all this moment. I don’t remember, because I saw Harvey grab a chair from the table and smash through glass. Ironically enough it was my chair that Harvey used to smash through the glass, and lead to my becoming the chief medical officer for the time being.

There was poor Harold a bloody mess on the floor. He was out cold; the chair had broken the bridge of his nose and the left orbital bone of his skull. We were all too stunned to react in time, and before the UAC security put a bullet in Harvey he ripped open the forehead of Dr. Stein, probably trying to get to his brain.

Was this a case of the zookeeper getting mauled by the lion? Maybe, but through all of that; Dr. Stein somehow survived. He probably survived because we were so close to the OR, so we were able to operate immediately.

Drewanna Starski was the surgeon that replaced his forehead with a molded metal plate. The left orbital bone of Dr. Stein’s left cheek has been replaced with a plate as well. Drewanna said that there were too many fragments to piece together in the short amount time that she had to work with him.

Dr. Stein will never have vision again, as there was massive trauma to his right eye; while his left eye had to be removed due to the severity of his injury.

Some of the techies down at development say that they can have Stein fitted for a robotic eye; that is if he lives past tonight. This eye would be taken directly from a sentry bot, and if I am correct, I would say the red eye from a bot would be a lot larger than your average human eye.

That would give him sight again; at least until he is stable enough to get on an evac shuttle to somewhere with the resources that can deal with his current condition. Again this is all assuming that he survives the night.

Surviving is a bigger problem for him now than the loss of his vision. I know at this moment that my current problem is thinking of a way to tell his wife that her husband is not aesthetically pleasing anymore. Well I had better stop stalling and get it over with.

10/28/2142: IMP: by Dr. Tim Foster

This is acting chief medical officer’s audio log for October 28th. Against my wishes; security has brought me a specimen indigenous to this grey moon. I am not sure if they wanted to celebrate Halloween here a bit early, but this is one ugly creature as my reports have shown.

I would like to have the specimen terminated and destroyed, but the administration has told me that the UAC back home wants it studied if not transported to a biological research facility on Mars.

It is amazing that anything out there could survive, but it seems like these creatures have the ability to dig and tunnel through the 100 meters of fine powder that covers the surface of Phobos.

After observation the team and I have discovered that the claws of this creature can cup together forming what I can only describe as trowels. Dead specimens brought by security have revealed that the creatures have blood that is a super heated red glowing liquid that solidifies to clot wounds. This process is less like blood clotting and more like lava solidifying with a cooler atmosphere.

The heart of this creature is externally visible and glowing red due to the super heated glowing blood within its veins.

This living specimen has been here for only a day, but already the security and staff have noticed that the creature’s grey skin has started to change into a darker color. Perhaps this is because of the oxygen rich atmosphere inside of the research complex instead of its natural habitat of grey powder.

In time I expect it to turn black. Of course before that happens I hope the administration will come to its senses and have security terminate this creature for the safety of its people.

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You would also need a good modeler to make the zombies and the new imps. I do have them all drawn out. :-)

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True. I would post them, but alas no scanner. Just a digital camera, and eh it gets a bright spot over it that makes it look white. Even when I turn the flash off, there's still a white spot.

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