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Internet Doom Explorer 4.09

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What is IDE? In bond's own words:

bond came out of the closet and said:

Internet Doom Explorer - IDE - is a program for searching and launching network game DOOM in the Internet. It supports several client-server doom ports: ZDaemon, Skulltag, Odamex

Main IDE features:

  • Full server list of all supported doom ports in one table, additional information about servers and players in pop-up windows (hints), various sorting schemes and other ways of essential for user data separation, automatic servers refresh.
  • Full player list from all servers in one table, possibility to create buddy list and automatic notification of their appearance.
  • Online-communication in build-in IRC client optimised for doom ports.
  • Full support of ZDaemon authorization, possibility to create and edit ZDaemon accounts.
  • Setup and launch own servers, handy way to setup LAN-parties
  • Translation of IDE to any other language.

Bond's site seems to be down, and I needed a copy of Internet Doom Explorer 4.09. Since bond doesn't seem to have any mirrors up, and the one listed on Doomworld is ages old, I've uploaded it for everyone's convenience.

Download (Megaupload)
Download (Rapidshare)

Thanks to HeX_Vulture for having it on hand.

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