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another question

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No one is giving you "the code" because there is no code. It's something you have to add to your WAD files when you make them.

If you don't want to use ACS scripting, you could use a dehacked patch:

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines.

Doom version = 19
Patch format = 6

Misc 0
Initial Bullets = 0
Copy that to a text file giving it a deh or bex extension and load it with your WAD. Or call the file dehacked.txt and load it. That might, however, clash with any other WADs using a dehacked patch.

If you are using GZdoom, you could use this. It will work with any level set you like (unless they use fragglescript - which most Zdoom wads don't). Save the following text and put it in a file called FSGLOBAL.TXT and then add it to the command line when you start


script 1 
   if (!checkinventory(0, "QuestItem1",1)) 
      takeinventory(0, "Clip", 999); 
      giveinventory(0, "QuestItem1"); 


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