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How do you make sprites with eXtendable wad editor???

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "i want to make a sprite". Do you simply want to insert sprites into your wad, or do you want to create completely new sprites? Inserting sprites is relatively easy, and can be done with no sweat in XWE. However, if you want to create brand new sprites XWE will be of no use; you'll need a graphics editing program like Photoshop.

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caboose1408 said:

I just got xwe and i know how to make textures and flats but now i want to make a sprite. what do i do?

Check out the tutorial I have on my web-site. Scroll down to Section D for the instructions.

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I need help lol...; I came really close to putting a Tormenter667 critter into Heretic instead of DooM (The Fallen). It's pretty easy to get him to work but his palette is wrong.

What I tried doing was 'Saving as Raw Data' each sprite file and outside in photoshop converting each to a .png file. Than in a fallen.wad I'd delete all the sprites than load as raw data the .png files.

So I came really close to getting him to look right... except two things: He's not centered properly and u can see the bluish backdrop around the monsters! The first I can fix by putting in the values that appear on top in the original sprites, I'm sure as they're all zeroed in the new ones. But the blue backdrop I would still not know what to do with.

There's gotta be a quicker way to load a monster into a different game, palette-wise!!!!

EDIT: Figured the centering problem rather easily, but that damn blue backround keeps appearing lol. ;(

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CodenniumRed said:

... u can see the bluish backdrop around the monsters! .... But the blue backdrop I would still not know what to do with.... but that damn blue backround keeps appearing ...

Although the game treats cyan in .bmp format (converted in-game to DooM Graphics Format) as transparent, it does not do the same for graphics in raw data format. With .png format files you need to specify which color will be treated as "transparent". You will need to use an external graphics editor (XnView & IrfanView are free programs that allow you to do this, and perhaps Wally too) to assign the RGB color value for transparency. So far the only way I know how to do it is to do each image individually, although I'm sure that the process can be achieved (and greatly speeded up) using some sort of batch process.

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Alright I'll need to give that a try than! I'll search for those programs online, or even on these forums! 'Cause I can make new sprites for new monsters too but of course the backround color will always show. But with .png they can instantly get into any game - DooM DooM II Heretic HeXen etc!

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Never mid that, good old photoshop works with getting rid of that too. With the images in .png format, I simply use the backround eraser tool on everything but the sprite in question (using an inverse selection of necessary) and bingo! Monsters that can work in any game!

One more cosmetic thing I'd need to know with XWE though; the critters have a 'scale' option I can use to make the sprite look bigger or smaller. There's gotta be a way to comment out lines so only certain games use them. This is so I can have one scale for the DooMs and heretic, and another for HeXen as the player height is increased in that game.

So I'd need two 'SCALE' parameters... wonder if that's possible.

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