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How do you make sky textures?

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If you're doing it the vanilla way then first make sure that it replaces the normal one; open the wad in XWE/WinTex then add the FSKY1(sp?) texture; that's the one you want to replace with your custom one.
The map should recognize sky rendering when you put the ceiling/floor to the RSKY flat.
Remember that in Doom2 the sky is different (FSKY1,2,3) depending on what 'episode' the level is. If you have just MAP01, then replace FSKY1.

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DeumReaper said:

If you have just MAP01, then replace FSKY1.

FSKY is simply the name of the flat, not of the texture.

Caboose, first decide which sky you want to replace. The first set of maps in DooM2 (Maps01-12) use RSKY1. The second set of maps use RSKY2, and the third set of maps use RSKY3. Once you know which sky you're going to replace, then give your custom sky that name. Then simply insert that graphic into your wad. (Ask if you need to know how to insert the graphic using XWE.)

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caboose1408 said:

what is (sp?)??

sp? = spelling? It's a short way of saying "not sure if I spelled that right".

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Yeah, my bad, I got RSKY and FSKY backwards. RSKY is the new texture you want the game to replace, FSKY is the flat you designate as the ceiling/floors in the map editors to become skies.

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