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Doomsday risen3D question

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Hello, I have made a vanilla compatible map with tricks
like transparent door , 3D bridges ,underwater etc.
and I cant play it in doomsday because I got a "sector segmentation violation" error and "runtime error 70" in risen3D.
Is there a way to play this map in one of these ports?
Without removing tricks of course.

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Not that I know of (granted I don't use those engines much). Maybe the developers of the engines would like to hear about that as bug reports.

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DoomKn1ght said:

I cant play it "runtime error 70" in risen3D.

In my years being involved with R3D I cannot recall ever coming across that error message. The only way to track down the cause of this is for the Doomsday\R3D teams to look at the wad in question.

Maybe upload it to a filesharing site ?


This is a suggestion from Abbs regarding the runtime error ...

delete the launch/opts.r3d file ... this will reset the R3Dlauncher defaults.

or for QLaunch ..

Qlaunch - delete the Risen3D/launche.txt file.

Does this help ?

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