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xbox classic doom

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I have Doom 3 CE and ROE on the XBox which as you all know contain the classic doom games. I've noticed minor differences compared to the PC versions, like the tempo of the midi music is slower, the sfx is higher pitched, the sky textures in ultimate doom all seem to look like the episode 1 skies, some of you probably know but each game contains an exclusive level, ultimate doom has sewers, and doom 2 has betray. Were these maps done by id before the games were on the xbox, or did some outside company( like Team TNT) make them a while back as wads? Just wanted to know. Still, their great ports, and it's cool that return to castle wolfenstein has wolfenstein 3d on it. Their's nothing like playing such an old game on the xbox with a controller.

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Sewers and Betray were made long ago by a couple of college students in the early days of PC Doom. A decade later they came to work for Vicarious Visions, the company responsible for the first Xbox port. Those levels were hidden in the game just for fun, as a more-or-less personal Easter egg.
You can get the PC versions of those maps here, if you're interested.

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One thing I'd like to add: On idgames, Sewers can not only be found standalone (although uploaded eleven years later by someone else,) but also as E3M7 of WADPAK2, the second in a series of 1994 level compilations by Gary Karnik. I had only seen this level on Ledmeister's site, so it surprised me a bit when I saw it in that collection as well. You can't find Betray on idgames, though.

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