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Go to Secret exit linedef

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Does this linedef only function in certain maps or can it be used at any point? In my initial testing of this linedef it would be treated as a regular exit, progressing to the next map.

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I investigated misplaced secret exits some time again. Here is a copy/paste (with minor editing) from an earlier post:

Grazza said:
In the original games, misplaced secret exits (i.e. ones not in E1M3, E2M5, E3M6, E4M2, MAP15 or MAP31) are handled as follows:

In Ultimate Doom, you are taken to that episode's secret level, but upon leaving the secret level, you go to the level that you would normally go to from there. Thus if you had a secret exit in E1M1, you would go:

In Doom2, a secret exit in a map other than MAP15 or MAP31 works like this: If you have warped to the current level, then a misplaced secret exit sends you back to map01. However, if you have arrived at that map by exiting the previous level, then you go back to the start of the current level. For example, if you exit map13 (via a normal exit) and thus go to map14, and map14 has a misplaced secret exit, then it will send you to map14. I don't know if there are any further quirks or if this is the full picture.

Note that some ports change this behaviour.

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