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does skulltag 97d will need bigger system requirements

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skulltag 97d will have new features like 3d models etc. does these features will need better computer? my pc is old and poor but skulltag working fine on my computer. i dont use opengl mode. and if they will need bigger computer then does there will be possible to turn off these features? thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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thanks, finally i can relax.
i dont wanna create another threat so i hear that final 97d release will be released in next week, is this true or just joke?

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It’s hard to put a release date on skulltag. 97D's main focus is to be bug free. So if another bug is found, another build is compiled and tested which means you have another 24+ hours of waiting time.
From what I have been able to put together with the latest builds I can say that skulltag 97D is close to being released however. Carnevil and Torr-Samaho did a good job coding out all knowen bugs (and maybe some we may never have noticed).

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