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export palette as bmp,png

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Did anyone see this post?

Is there a way of exporting the Doom palette so it can be used by eg Paintshop Pro or one of the others?


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I'm sure I'd answered a similar question elsewhere - can't find the post right now. Exporting the palette as a .bmp or .png file isn't practical though extracting the palette from an exported .bmp file is.
Here's one way to do it...

  • Using either XWE or SLumpEd - export a graphic lump (any type) as a .bmp file.
  • Open the file in IrfanView and select Palette/Export Palette from the Image menu.
  • Give the palette file an appropriate name and don't forget where you saved it.
IrfanView saves 8bit palettes as JASC-PAL plain text files that can be imported into Paintshop or the Gimp - here's one I prepared earlier.

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