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Pandora's Box (my first .wad)

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This is my first .wad post on doomworld forums. I hope that I am doing it right according to doomworld.com etiquette.

I've had it sitting around since October 2005, I figure I'm not doing anything more to it, I may as well post it to the public, or at least make beta testing available here on the New Doom forums. It is for the original Doom, multiple difficulties, death matches and co-ops. Death matches should actually be pretty fun for it, there's a frag fest in the center with a cat and mouse hunt around the arena :-)

http://cixe.planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/doom/pandora.wad - 236 KB



A facility built to hold the Demon inside of the Box. There is an arena built to hold the demon inside of the box. Everything is perfectly alright until creatures arrive to unlease the demon within the box. There are power failures which must be dealt with before the player can reach the arena where the box is held. Naturally the player accidentally releases the demon from its container.

With the box open, the player can either try to face what he has released, or run through a subterranian escape route to escape what was inside of the box.


Its a complex around an arena, with Pandora's box in the center. There are power outtages and the player must open doors via control panels (panels not switches). The player unleashes what's in Pandora's box, and to top it off, the player must contend with those guarding Pandora and the two installations. Finally, with Pandora open, the player must find the way out of the arena back into the complex and escape. There are many tricks, traps, interesting things.

Takes me at least 13 minutes to get through and I know where everything is.



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Huh? I never uploaded it. I know that I did post it in 2006 on New Doom's forums. Maybe someone from there posted it?

Yeah it's up. Sorry. I never knew. I will search for any more .wads before I post any more.

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geo said:

Huh? I never uploaded it. I know that I did post it in 2006 on New Doom's forums. Maybe someone from there posted it?

It happens.
My first WAD must've been uploaded by one of my beta testers. I was really surprised when I saw screenshots of my map in the /newstuff.
I was like "WTF? Someone stole my map!!"
But I was mentioned as an author, so the person who uploaded it must've thought the project was completed and ready for upload (and it was more or less), and was just being kind.

I still don't know who that was.


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From the screenshots it looks like the perfect theme for a base half-converted into a Doom dungeon. It's an answer for the poster directly above. It's a Shores of Hell-like map. But only from the screenshots for now.

ellmo said:

My first WAD must've been uploaded by one of my beta testers.

That's leakage.

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I found the map twice in the /newstuff /idgames database. At least I was given credit :-) I found another map of mine in there too!

I often worry about posting stuff in blogs. Like how students can nab essays offline and claim them as their own. I am a web designer and I had a client that said he was a rap record label.

He had me posting stuff from an indie rapper. I'm not into rap, but this guy was good. The "label" had me post songs on the site for download $1 a piece. Standard price.

Then the guy had me change his name on the site (red flag). Then I went to the artist's real site. Found out he has a real record label (red flag #2)...

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That was fun too, though I like your other one better. Its kinda rare to fight a cyber with a single barrel which i liked (though later saw the rocket launcher).
I had to play both in doombuilder (probably because its not titled 'map01' etc) & i have doom2

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BJ Blazkowicz said:

I miss my super shotgun. I didn't think you'd throw a CD at me, which was surprising too.

Why would I throw a compact disc at you?

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