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Mississippi Fighting Obesity?

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Well intentioned but ill-conceived. Banning "upsizing" would probably be more effective and less controversial.

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Imp said:

Taking it too far? Not at all. The real problem is that it's 100 % ineffective, because it doesn't prevent obese people from making grease boiled chicken wings or something else on their own. The only thing it does possibly achieve is putting a little more social pressure on obese people, but I doubt they really care either way.

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Csonicgo said:
Fat is the new black, I see.

It's retaliation; wasn't the media attacking the fashion industry and such for making people anorexic/too skinny?

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Stop quoting images dumbass

Fukken saved

The best way to fight obesity is to get the FBI to impound all the TV remote controls, with all the channels people have these days (and all the shit shows to fill them) they'll be walking an extra 10 miles a day

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