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peach freak

Non Windowed 3D Mode suggestion

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I tried out the non windowed 3D mode to see what the customized resolutions would feel like and it felt great. But can there be an option to get that info bar seen on the bottom of the windowed 3D mode onto non-windowed 3D mode? All you'd need to do is toggle it by using the ~ button, which would be the same thing in windowed mode. It would be the most convienient addition ever. I know you can get the sector/lindef info by pressing I, but that takes up a good amount of the screen.

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It involves quite a lot of text on screen taking up space and it probably wouldn't look good (if readable at all) at low resolutions, not sure if you'd really want this.

Also, I'm not working on Doom Builder 1 anymore and Doom Builder 2 will no longer have full-screen 3D mode. Perhaps a nice feature for Doom Builder X?

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