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Beatdown 2

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ok this is very 1994. a couple of things to point out. I realize your just starting to map, but there are some things you should/shouldn't do in a map.

1. make doors look like doors. unles it's a secret, you shouldn't use wall textures for doors.

2. a little more height variation from room to room helps the look and feel. also try light variation. don't do it arbitrarily either. outside should have light, but dim the inside areas.

3. mark doors and switches that need keys with the the color key needed. it's rather annoying going up to a regular looking switch or door only to get "you need a (insert color) key".

4. speaking of keys, what was the blue key for? doesn't make sense to have a key for nothing in there.

5. cyberdemon guarding key really isn't cool. it really makes no sense to have a cyberdemon in such a small place guarding a key. try a group of high class enemies like revenants for guards.

don't be discouraged about mapping just cuz I'm pointing out flaws. a lot of mappers start out making maps just like this. many of them stick with it and learn how to make great maps.

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