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Heat Of The Apocalypse

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This is just an idea I came up with a few months ago. At first I thought it would just be a Quake 1 fic, but right now I am getting more ideas. One of them is to include lots of Doom stuff in it.

Now I have no idea when I will start writing this. I've been working on many other fanfics for the past year and this is just a "side project" for me.

Well this is the summary, tell me what you think.

The year? 2061..Mankind has created technological wonders that turn present day science into obsolete mush. Among these achievements is the slipgate, a machine capable of teleporting molecules of anything from one location to another. It drives Man into the next century by going commercial, selling billions the first year. Homes, offices, government buildings, parks, malls, you name it, all have a slipgate in them. No human being ever walks the grounds of the earth's soil anymore. The already fast moving world becomes a lot faster with this advancement. But what comes out of the slipgates one day is not human nore animal..No..Ogres with chainsaws, Shamblers with claws dripping blood and pulp, soldiers with unusual strength, rabid dogs and other morbid creatures weilding dark powers. Cities are razed, millions are murdered and death camps are built to slowly kill off the prisoners. At a military base somewhere in the deep woods of Africa bodies pile up and contact is lost. After Commander Adrian Von Falkland hears word of the creatures and the overrun base, he calls up the aloof, tough and cunning wolf-humanoid Gunnery Sgt Kyle Putzkammer. When Kyle arrives to meet his CO however the HQ is already swarming with hellish monsters and brainwashed, murderous Marines. Knowing what has to be done he wastes no time and heads into the jungle to infiltrate the base with no team mates, only the camos on his back and a 12 gauge. His mission? To enter the slipgate and halt the source of all this chaos...But can Kyle make it back to earth and in one piece? What venomous blasphemy and vile torment awaits the black furred Marine?

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Sorry dude, this is all I have apart from a three page short that I did several years ago. Tried digging for them yesterday but had no luck. What you see here is going to be a re-writing of that short.

The reason I posted the summary here is to see if people think its stupid or good.

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Aw. Well, the premise has a neat twist to the teleporter invasion concept. If there's a slipgate in every home, that makes the disaster infinitely worse than it was in Doom or Quake. Unless that was the premise for Quake. Been a while.

Anyway, I dunno about the others, but I don't think it's dumb. Although considering how everything is being razed by the monsters, you'll have to elaborate why this one little African base is so important.

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