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A tad bit of help plz... [monster teleport ]

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Just a little tip, when you want to see how to do some trick that you saw in a wad (specially if it's doom or doom2.wad), open a level editor and study the effect you want to implement on your level. If still you can't get it, then when you ask in a forum for help you'll be prepared to understand easily whatever explanations you'll receive.

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Assuming you know about dummy sectors and such...

  1. Be sure the monsters you want to teleport do not have the deaf attribute enabled.

  2. Use common sense regarding the size/height of the sector vs. the number of monsters. Keep them confined to minimize wandering and/or being stuck.

  3. This one relates to #1. Make sure the monsters are actually brought to an alerted state. Be sure the occupied sector is somehow linked or joined to another sector in the map allowing them to be easily alerted to sound (firing a weapon).

  4. Check for correct sector/linedef tags and actions.

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