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Sprite problems + no frames

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Ok, so I'm new to DECORATE and have only a very basic knowledge of code.
I'm trying to create a simple decoration that has only one frame and can be pushed around by the player.

I add the DECORATE lump and the sprites into XWE, and the sprites pop up as images instead of sprites like everything I do in MS Paint does. So I use change type to change it to a sprite. Now, when I open the .wad in ZDoom, it says my thing has no frames. When I go back into XWE, the sprites are set back to images.

Am I adding the sprites wrong, or using DECORATE wrong? Here's my DECORATE lump

actor BowlingPin 32001
height 16
radius 8

[EDIT] Now I'm having trouble with these forums! The spaces aren't showing in my DECORATE lump, so just pretend it looks right, I modeled it off ones I saw on the ZDoom wiki and am pretty sure I've got it right.

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The sprite has to be called BINPA0 (that is a zero on the end) for the game to recognise it as a sprite. And it should appear between S_START and S_END markers, but I guess XWE would take care of that for you (I don't use XWE myself).

To make stuff like DECORATE show up properly in the forum, use the [code] [/code] tags instead of [QUOTE] tags.

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ok thx, the sprite is named BPINA0 (with a zero) and I didn't use any tags with my DECORATE, but thanks. I'll try adding markers.

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